Agender | She/Her | 31/10/1999 | French

Heya ! I'm Frankie.I'm a 22 year old artist / Toy Collector. Inspired by Bryan Scary & Autoheart's music , Craig McCracken shows, the Pokemon series and LEGO media. I'm now studying animation to become illustrator and/ or Character designer.

Bigots will be blocked on sight
Proshipper / Cringe Culture enjoyer are HEAVILY discouraged from interacting with me
please do not talk to me Suggestively or NSFW unprompted


Special Interest
LEGO City Adventures - FOTK - Bryan Scary's Music
Vintage Aviation/ Amelia Earhart
General Interest
LEGO - Miniatures -Crafting - Vinyls - Childhood media
Other Medias
Ninjago - McCraken's cartoons - Danger&Egg - Mortelle Adele
Lego Movies - Shane Acker's 9 - Padak - Time Masters
Mother /Earthbound Game series- Minecraft Storymode - Pokemon Series

Comfort Characters


Primary CC

Secondary CC


Favorite Music Artist Bryan Scary - AutoHeart - Billy Cobb
Half Alive - the Hoosiers - Katie Herzig
and many more

Song of the moment

To prove to his Father that he is capable of flying,
Jules Valentine accidentally shake the core of the United Nations.

Aviators, bandits and alien alike joins him on the creation of a Legend;
the "Flight of the Knife".
"Flight of the Knife" (FOTK for short) is a future comics based on the 2008 Bryan Scary's concept album of the same name.
Some characters and storylines are directly based on the songs themselves! resemblances with any other media inspired by the same music is likely to happen.

My work on FOTK started on October 6th 2020 !it is currently far from releasing but a proper CARRD for it is in the making and will be replacing this page in the future <3Feel free to visit the TH file for now
or listen to the album that the project is based on.
stay tuned !