**Agender | She/Her | 31/10/1999 | French **

Heya ! I'm == Frankie==.I'm a 23 year old artist / Toy Collector. Inspired by Bryan Scary & Autoheart's music, Craig McCracken shows, the Pokemon series and LEGO media.
I'm now looking for a job in illustration and/ or Character designs.
Any Questions?
DM me on Twitter (@SOLOBODOR) or Email me at **[email protected] ! **

I do not want to have anything to do with Bigots, Proshippers, NFT or A.I. "Art" Fans.

Want to check my comics project ?

Blorbo list

Media Character Im Obsessed with.
will have a lot of thoughts about,
draw all the time and wont shut up about.

Blorbos in Laws

Aka the OC i stole from my friends /J




Welcome to my commission's info !
Make Sure to read the T.O.S. before commissioning me.
DM me on Twitter (@SOLOBODOR) or Email me at **[email protected] ! **


Price listed are in €/ EURO.
Only accept payment via PAYPAL.
coverage for Paypal fees are included in the listed price
Commission will be started after receiving full payment.
Please provide a Clear and Colored reference.
I have the right to Refuse any commissions,
if I feel uncomfortable with the demand

** RIGHTS ON COMMISSIONED ARTWORK **Commissions are for personal use only.
If the art wasn't created for you or your characters, DO NOT REPOST/EDIT/CLAIM
Credit is mandatory (@SOLOBODOR on TH.)
Minor Edit is allowed as long as you do not claim the art as your own.
Commercial use have to be discussed before payment. I may request an additional fees.I WILL NOT create art for NFT or AI

** RIGHTS ON MY DESIGNS **Credit is mandatory (@SOLOBODOR on TH.)
Design changes are allowed as long as you do not claim the design as your own.
do not "split" designs.
do not resell for more than purchased.
Commercial use are allowed upon direct purchase from me (unless CS).
if you received the design from someone else than me in trade or resell. please ask me for commercial use.

I cannot and will not enforce banning people from owning my designs.
however I can refuse to sell/trade with anyone is breaking my rules or I am uncomfortable with them.
A block is a block, dont try to bypass it.



Symmetrical Polygonal style - 27€
Lined style - 32 €

Polygone style

Halfbody - 42€Addition characters - +50%
Background/ complex props - up to +50%

Fullbody - 57€Addition characters - +50%
Background/ complex props - up to +50%

Halfbody - 37€Addition characters - +50%
Background/ complex props - up to +50%

something that you dont see listed interest you ?
Animation? Tweened artwork? Logo design ? comics? character design?

These may only open on specific occasions or need more information from you to have a quote,
please DMme on Twitter (@SOLOBODOR) or Email me at [email protected] !
Hope you find what you're looking for 💚

More ?

Custom design

Price Vary on demand,but will start around 53-63€

Feral Designs

Anthro Designs

Humanoid Designs