Agender | She/Her | 31/10/1999 | French

Heya ! I'm Frankie.

I'm a 21 year old artist / Toy Collector. Inspired by Craig McCracken show, the Pokemon and Mother game series and LEGO media. I'm now studying animation in hope to become storyboard artist and/ or Character designer.


I will not tolerate

Blah blah blah Bigoted stuff, Anti-LGBT. Racism, exclusionism. you know the drill.
fetishization of minorities / harmful stereotype
Proships bullshit

If you participate in Dark humor/ Cringe Culture
I HEAVILY discourage you to interact with me

and please do not talk to me Suggestively or NSFW unprompted


Special Interest
LEGO - LEGO City Adventures - Bryan Scary's Music

General Interest
Toy collecting - Miniatures
Crafting - Vinyls - Vintage Aviation

Ninjago - McCraken's cartoons - Danger&Egg - Final Space - Psych - infinity Train

Lego Movies - 9 - Padak

Mother /Earthbound Game series- Minecraft Storymode - Megaman - Shovel Knight - Pokemon Series

Comfort Characters


Primary CC

Secondary CC


Favorite Music Artist
Bryan Scary - AutoHeart - Half Alive
Mika - Katie Herzig
Favorites Songs
Bye Bye Babylon (Bryan Scary)
Ca va (Emile Bilodeau)
Way of the Future (Katie Herzig)
the Quick and the Blue (the Megas)
Creature (Half Alive)
Possibility (Autoheart)

Song of the moment